Aroma Happy Bath Salts 300g

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Recharging Herbal Bath Salts

Unplug for a moment and recharge..

Give your mind and body the lift it needs with this energising blend of essential oils, herbs and muscle rejuvenating salts.

Add ONE cup to a warm running bath and be refreshed and ready for anything.


Soothe and Calm Bath Salts

Relax and take a moment to enjoy the calming aromas of lavender, chamomile and lemon balm and the gentle body calming properties of Himalayan and Dead Sea salts and skin soothing organic oats.


Cleopatra Bath Salts

Feel like a Queen and pamper yourself like a goddess in a warm bath of beautiful rose petals and jasmine flowers.
We all love to feel special once in a while and you definitely will after you immerse yourself in these gorgeous Cleopatra Bath Salts.

Add ONE cup to a warm running bath and relax like a Egyptian Queen


Pink Lemonade Bath Salts

Salts are prettier in pink, don't you think?

Indulge yourself in this beautiful blend of all natural ingredients that are both delightful to your senses with the aromatics of Bergamot, Grapefruit & Lemon, and also feel amazing to your skin and body with it's nourishing, soothing & calming, antioxidant enriched properties from the Himalayan and epsom salts, oats, calendula and hibiscus.
Pour a cup of Pink Lemonade Bath Salts into a warm running bath and take some time for you, you deserve it!


Sweet Dreams Bath Salts

If your looking to relax and unwind for a good night's sleep, these Lavender & Juniper berry Sweet Dreams Bath Salts are just what you're needing then.

Pour a cup of salts into a warm running bath and immerse yourself in the soothing and calming aroma's of Lavender & Juniper Berry essential oils and feel your body let go of any unwanted tension from the day and you're mind wind down ready to rest.



As these products contain essential oils, please check with your doctor or medical specialist if you are pregnant or breast feeding or are taking any medication that may cause interactions.
Products are for external use only.
Avoid contact with eyes
If allergy develops, please discontinue use.

Only quality ingredients and materials have been used in my products.
As each product is carefully and lovingly made to order, slight variations between products may occur.

I recommend using the products within 4 months as they only contain natural ingredients and storing products in a dry cool place when not in use.