Aroma Happy Self Love Gift Box

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Take the time for a little self love and care with our "Self Love Set" 

A beautiful collection of all natural aromatherapy bath salts that can also be used as a luxurious foot soak, a beautiful sultry feminine natural perfume, a pure soy wax heart candle adorned with rose quartz crystal chips and red rose buds and petals, finished with 3 crystals known for their love, protection, healing & peace. 

The perfect set to treat yourself, or to gift to another.


1x 300g Cleopatra Bath Salts

Ingredients - Dead Sea Salts, Himalayan Salt, organic dried rose petals & jasmine buds, essential oils (geranium)  

1x Sweet Heart Natural Perfume

Ingredients - Organic fractionated coconut oil, essential oil (patchouli, geranium, ylang ylang & cinnamon) organic dried red rose buds.

1x Heart Candle - fragrance of choice

1x Raw cut Rose Quartz stone - Stone of love and kindness

1x Raw cut Black Tourmaline stone - Stone of protection

1x Selenite stick - Stone of healing & peace

Candle Fragrance -

AUSTRALIAN FLORALS & HONEY - A dense cluster of floral scents with a sweet rose and honey balsam.

KAKADU PLUM - A robust fruity fragrance with notes of passionfruit, guava and melon that rest on a base of coconut and tonka bean.

BOHEMIAN MUSK- A full bodied musk combined with sandalwood and vanilla.

PEACH & LEMON TEA - A fruity fragrance combining the sweetness of peach and the bitterness of lemon.

FRENCH LAVENDER & YLANG YLANG- A beautiful crisp floral fragrance with a slight powdery finish.