Clam Shell Pink/Gold Small

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Clamshells have an intricate moulding that accentuates every detail and pattern. Clam Shell Pink/ Gold Small is sculpted artfully by skilled artisans using resin and finished with a gold plated. Out product is as intriguing, emphasizing pattern and texture bringing about a more refined and striking design. The best part, this product does not require routine maintenance.
Clam Shell Pink/ Gold Small is a versatile piece that would make a design statement on a coffee table, windowsill or the mantlepiece. Did I mention our luxurious gold clamshell is a beautiful complement for a coastal style home? Plus, Homeowners can style the clamshell in two ways. Some people might fancy facing down the gold plated clamshell to reveal the beautiful shell detail. At the same time, some would opt to face it upright to collect shells. "Loose change," says save me like one's pennies for a rainy day. Clam Shell Pink/ Gold Small is handy to keep loose change in one place.