Leather Notebook Pineapple

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The embossed pineapple adorns the top of this leather - bound notebook on offer from Lavida. Made with superb quality supple leather that makes up the cover, all else about its design is very simple. No embellishments and simple, this design is perfect for your everyday usage as a note taking book that will accompany you to class, travels and any other place. After all there is no specific time or place when a great idea strikes you, and you feel the need to put it down in writing.

Open the leather cover and you feel the smooth and superb quality of pages held within. The construction of this notebook has been taken care of and will last you through much usage. The leather outer is supple and smooth and will age over time giving it the most desirable character lines. Despite much usage the journal quality binding will hold on strong. The notebook open sup wide and does not bunch up despite the tough binding used. The cover is kept together with the help of this elastic band which makes it perfect for carrying around in the bag. The embossed pine apple on top gives it a lovely modern twist. The handmade quality of this piece adds a touch of vintage charm as well to it.

  • Material: Leather, paper
  • Size: 13x18cm