Leather Tag White Au Revour

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Tags are one of the most important accessories to travel with. Picking out one of a kind should be a priority. Leather Tag Au Revoir is a deluxe piece that shows an individual fashion statement. Aside from checking in luggage, tags come in handy for creative use like identifying child's stuff at school, for use on cameras, briefcase, or as gift tags. This item shows off one's style and elegance.
Fishing out one's luggage from seas of luggage in an airline, bus and train stations could prove tedious. Leather Tag Au Revoir has a clasp that secures tags to one's belongings. The fastener is adjustable to suit one's taste. Overleaf of Leather Tag Au Revoir has a dedicated space for jotting down information for identification and easy visibility. These tags hold vital contact information which comes handy on occasions where luggage are lost or mixed up. Thus, allowing for easy retrieval of luggage. The tag is made with leather fabric which ages beautifully.