Starfish Hook

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The starfish conveys messages of discerning new opportunities. Starfish Hook can be easily installed on one's entryway as a sincere welcome that makes a guest feel appreciated. Our product is a coastal-inspired wall hanging with an unmatched style that transport one's interior to the seaside. This could be the stunning porch masterpiece one has been searching for!
Breathe a vibrant vibe on lifeless walls and show off your love for whimsical designs. The starfish shape affords one the ultimate sense of tranquillity. Starfish Hook points out the conspicuous location and does it with smiling. It is a beautiful choice to deal with entryway organization. It will beautify the entryway as well as handy to hold jackets and bags. Utilize this also in the mudroom to hold wet clothes or umbrella. The versatile of this metal piece cannot be overemphasized, client can get their creative juice flowing on strategic spots it can be utilized. Starfish Hooks has a visually appealing nautical themed home decor. Its painted finish is a subtle approach to prevent corrosion.
  • Material: Wood,Metal
  • Size: 16x3x16cm