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100% pure all natural perfume.

Blossom is a gorgeous combination of citrusy florals with a light hint of musk, this fragrance reminds me of summer days.

Blossom away with aromas of Lemon, Ylang Ylang, Wild Orange, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, Tangerine, Clementine, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Rose and Jasmine.  

Decorated with organic dried orange peel, and organic blue cornflower flowers, and finished with a sprinkling of clear quartz crystals.

**Due to the high level of citrus essential oils in this fragrance, be sure to apply it to areas that are NOT exposed to direct sunlight, as citrus essential oils can cause photosensitivity.

Apply down the spine, on the chest and/or on areas that are covered by clothing.


Gentle, Soothing, Calming, Supporting.

The scent of lavender can clear and calm the mind, bringing clarity. lavender may help relieve exhaustion and stress.
Lavender is soothing, calming and relaxing to heightened emotions. Due to its relaxing and calming nature lavender is very beneficial for challenging situations for people of all ages.
The beneficial nature of lavender is so extensive that if you were to have only one essential oil on hand, lavender would be your go-to oil.

My Lavender Essential Oil Roller is made of the highest pure grade essential oil - Pure plant power!
Mixed with pure organic fractionated coconut oil so it's safe to use with people of all ages... With the added prettiness of beautiful Amethyst gemstones, to make it that little bit extra special.

TO USE~ Roll on pulse points, on the chest, down the spine and bottoms of the feet. You can also smell straight from the roller.

Sweet Dream Sleep Blend.

Sweet dreams is a specialised blend of essential oils that are known for their ability to help support feelings of calmness and promote grounding, and peace which in return can help you get much-needed rest.

Essential oils~ Juniper berry, Vetiver, Lavender, Ho wood, Cedarwood, Ylang ylang, Sweet marjoram, Roman chamomile, Vanilla bean absolute, Hawaiian sandalwood.

DIRECTIONS~ Roll onto the bottoms of feet, wrists, back of the neck and down the spine.

10ml Roller.

Sweet Heart All Natural Perfume

Sweet Heart is a sweet yet subtle floral fragrance with the aromas of Patchouli, Geranium, Ylang Ylang and Cinnamon. The combination of these gorgeous fragrances will have you captivated and wanting more because it's just so pretty.

Wildflower All Natural Perfume

A Wildflower grows in the wild being free and vibrant in colour and unique in its very own way and can bloom just beautifully in the harshest conditions. So why not get in touch with your inner Wildflower and bloom in your own unique way!

Be Wildly beautiful with the aromatics of Bergamot, Jasmine, Patchouli and Sandalwood


As these products contain essential oils, please check with your doctor or medical specialist if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or are taking any medication that may cause interactions.
Products are for external use only.
Avoid contact with eyes
If an allergy develops, please discontinue use.

Only quality ingredients and materials have been used in my products.
As each product is carefully and lovingly made to order, slight variations between products may occur.

Wild Orange

Wild Orange is enlivening and brings joy but it also provides the energy of relaxation and calmness.

It's the perfect oil for any one that is preparing for an exciting event such as a wedding or performance as it calms the nerves but also keeps the focus on joy and confidence.

Wild Orange can be soothing to children too, as it can help release fears and worries. Add Wild Orange to a bedtime routine to improve sleep patterns and feelings of comfort. 

Wild Orange will help you think clearly and stay focused on the task at hand, and manifesting ideas that are fresh and creative.

Our Wild Orange Essential Oil Roller is made of the highest pure grade essential oil Pure Plant Power!

Blended with pure organic fractionated coconut oil for optimal application and for a little added glitz some Citrine gemstones. Citrine is the gemstone of confidence, courage and abundance.

Roll on pulse points, on chest, down spine and bottoms of feet. You can also smell straight from the roller. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight when using citrus oils topically, apply under clothing.

10ml Roller

As each product is carefully and lovingly made to order, with natural ingredients slight variations between products may occur. Store products in a dry cool place when not in use.